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A Recruiter's Role in Scaling Your Startup

​The life sciences are bustling with innovation – ambitious startups seek to solve the world’s toughest healthcare challenges, technological evolution is accelerating, and big data looks set to tra...

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Women's Month: Meet Nahed Souadkia

To celebrate women's month, we are sharing some of our inspirational community members here at BioTalent.​Nahed Souadkia is a pharmacist with a Master in Pharmacy from the University of Nottingham....

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Navigating Talent Shortages in the Life Sciences

​From the digital overhaul to the glaring skills gap, the life sciences have challenges to contend with on all sides, and a talent-shaped hole is getting bigger as a result. The growing need for hi...

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Women's Month: Meet Tamara Herceg

​To celebrate women's month, we will be sharing some of our inspirational community members here at BioTalent.Meet Tamara Herceg. Tamara initially studied at University of Rijeka, Faculty of Econom...

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BioTalent at the MHRA Symposium

There’s never a dull day at BioTalent! The team are delighted to have attended the MHRA Symposium in the flesh this year, the place to be for the latest insights and updates into the UK’s pharmacov...

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Women's Month: Meet Kerstin Papenfuss

‘I joined Deep Science Ventures 3.5 years ago to develop science companies designing more curative therapies from scratch which is undoubtedly the achievement in my career that I am most proud of. ...

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Empowering Parents in STEM

​The future is STEM, but whose future is it? Parents tend to have a tough time in the STEM space – the stats are hard to ignore, particularly as a push for more inclusive workplaces drags their exp...

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Barriers in Biotech: To PhD, or not to PhD?

​Barriers in Biotech: To PhD, or Not to PhD? The Biotech industry is evolving, and so are the candidates. Biotech makes a habit of breaking through to weird and wonderful frontiers by the minute (h...

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Medtech and the Increased Demand for Healthcare

​Medtech takes pride of place as one of the most exciting and innovative areas in the life sciences. While medical technology comes in countless different shapes and forms, it’s all working towards...

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BioTalent Surpasses 100,000 followers on LinkedIn

It brings us great pride to announce we have reached over 100,000 followers on LinkedIn! Thank you, to our Clients, Candidates, Colleagues and Communities for your unrivalled support in helping us ...

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Quantum Computing: A New Era for the Life Sciences?

Quantum computing has made some big promises. From the unveiling of the human body’s hidden secrets to near-instantaneous disease prediction systems – we’re not there yet, but the new frontier of c...

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What's Next for Jobs in the Life Sciences?

The life sciences are always asking ‘what’s next?’ It’s an industry defined by constant change, by progression, problem solving, leading-edge tech, and, perhaps most importantly, incredible talent....

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What Does it Take to be a Leader in Pharma?

​Pharma stands on a precipice, surrounded by the winds of change, economic uncertainty, and near-miraculous new technological advancements. The industry can remain resilient, even as its global sup...

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The Year of the Psychedelic Medicines?

​Vilified by many, and outlawed by most, psychedelic drugs have a turbulent history. Far from the psychedelia of 1960s America, scientists have made extraordinary progress in developing mental heal...

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Beyond the Lab: Opportunities in the Life Sciences

​Life sciences careers are by no means limited to the lab. There’s a wealth of roles and responsibilities out there, and plenty of professionals prefer to take their work elsewhere, granting them t...

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BioTalent Insights Report: My Race in Science

​Built with fresh thoughts from the some of the most brilliant minds in the industry today, our latest insights report examines the critical role of diversity in the life sciences space, and what t...

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Recruitment's Role in Beating Data Bias

​On the face of it, bias in cold hard data might seem like a paradox, but delving a little deeper reveals that it’s far more prominent than many people think. Systemic bias, selection bias, confirm...

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Recap: Pharmacovigilance: in-house or source?

​Yesterday our BioTalent Social network joined us for our latest webinar, ‘Pharmacovigilance: in-house or outsource.' The discussion explored factors associated with using pharmacovigilance in-hous...

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BioTalent at the Medtech & Pharma Platform 2022 - Switzerland

​As technology continues its journey of relentless evolution, one thing is abundantly clear: Intersectoral collaboration between the medtech and pharmaceutical industries will have a critical role ...

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BioTalent Insights - October 2022 Edition

​Welcome to the latest insights report from BioTalent. We interviewed some of the brightest minds in the field to help us explore the current shape of the life sciences, and what the future might h...

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